Pediatric Care in Rochester, NY

Conditions Treated at Westside Pediatric Group

Westside Pediatric Group has created a professional and caring pediatric medical home for infants, children, adolescents and their families. We provide complete evidence-based care, including support for asthma, evaluation and treatment related to developmental and behavioral concerns, and adolescent medicine including gynecologic care.  Call (585) 247-5400 to schedule an appointment today!

(585) 247-5400

Our pediatric services include:

Well Child Visits

Besides providing routine health care, well child visits are important because they are effective in helping to prevent and detect illnesses and problems before symptoms occur.

Sick Child Visits

As a parent, keeping your child healthy is your top priority. When your child falls ill, we want you to know that we’re here for you as it is our concern as well.

Annual Sports and School Physicals

Whether it’s for school, sports, camp, or driving, physical exams play a vital role in monitoring your child’s health, growth, and development.

Pediatric Skin Conditions

Just like adults, children are very susceptible to a variety of skin conditions that may not subside all on their own.

Pediatric Food Allergies

Symptoms of a food allergy exist on a spectrum, meaning that they can range from very mild to severe.