Child Immunization Schedule at Westside Pediatric Group

When Your Child Should Receive Each Recommended Vaccine

We strongly believe in the efficacy and safety of childhood vaccines. If you have any personal questions or concerns, please contact one of our pediatricians. Also please note that the timing of individual vaccination schedules may vary depending on a number of factors. This schedule is recommended by the CDC and we recommend that all children follow it. Call our pediatric office in Rochester, NY at (585) 247-5400 to request an appointment with a board-certified pediatrician today!

(585) 247-5400


If your kid is over 1 month behind on their vaccines, please read the vaccine catch-up schedule.

Child Immunization Information

For more information on each vaccine and what it’s preventing, visit our immunization page. We don’t want you to be left out, it’s important to us for parents to have involvement in their children’s health. Understand the schedule, and what we’re trying to prevent so your child grows healthy and strong!